Sidoman Investment Ltd: Matters Logistics

sidoman_logisticsSidoman Investment Ltd is a logistics and forwarding company based in Mombasa Kenya. We continue to lead from the front with innovative products and services that solves our clients problems.

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containerClearing and Forwarding
Clearing cargo through customs is one of the biggest headaches in logistics, protocols and governments bureaucracy make this process a total nightmare. We have many years of experience in clearing and Forwarding. We will update you constantly on progress so you can have a peace of mind as you wait at the end for your cleared cargo.

 Road Freight For Cleared Shipment or Shipment On Transit

actros2Sidoman Logistics maintains a fleet of well maintained trucks for our Road Freight services. From the Kenyan ports in mombasa or Tanzania ports in Dareslaam we can deliver your cargo to any city or town in Africa at affordable and competitive prices. Together with our other logistics services this makes us a once stop shop for logistical services. We will ship, clear and deliver your cargo stress free.

sidoman-consultancyLogistics Consultancy
Logistics has become quite dynamic with new technology adopted every other time, governments are also revising laws governing logisitcs. This makes it difficult for those not in touch with logistics on a daily basis to maneuver the sector when their time of need comes. We will save you the pain with our many years of experience in this sector. With our team pointing you in the right direction you will save not only time but money and also a complete successful process is assured.