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Commuters Aboard the MV Kilindini Prepare to Disembark. CREDIT //

Remember Mtongwe Ferry Accident and Avoid a Re-enactment

If you've been to Mombasa, you must by now know about the ferry, which is somewhat synonymous with the town ...
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Oil Rigs

Was the Early Oil Pilot Export Scheme a PR Stunt?

When British company, Tullow announced the discovery of oil in Kenya’s Turkana County in March 2012, we were elated at ...
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Imported vehicles at a yard in Mombasa | CREDIT // Business Daily Kenya

Kenyans Should Brace for Higher-Priced Used Vehicle Imports

Of recently, my Eight years old son developed the love for cars. He started with identifying every Subaru on the road. You'll ...
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Iko Toilet | Courtesy / StandardMedia

Logistics’ Critical Role in Preventing “Skunky” Situations

Living in a multicultural environment is the best thing that has ever happened to us as Kenyans. We get invitations from ...
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Australian Dairy Cows. CREDITS |

Airlift 2.0: Qatari Man Makes History Flying 4,000 Cows

**************************** If Eid-ul-Fitri falls before my next blog, please receive my Eid Mubarak best wishes upfront. **************************** The shift in global weather patterns ...
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Maize meal flour stocked in a local supermarket

The Logistics of Unga ‘Revolution’

May 2017 was not the first time Unga, or maize meal flour, made news headlines after its retail price reached ...
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Sidoman Challenge Cup - Rhamu, Mandera County.

CSR: What Have You Done?

  Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated "CSR," is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on ...
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Welcome: Women in the Logistics World

  The whole month of March celebrates women, with the world joining in to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th.  ...
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Goods being offloaded to  a Sidoman Truck at the Port of Mombasa. Some shipping Terms may be difficult to understand [Image: Sidoman]

Three Documents You Need When Importing

After earlier discussing the clearing and forwarding procedure in Kenya, this post will look at the three main documents that ...
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Flagging off the first Truck: Photo credit: DAILY NATION

KRA Flags Off Regional Electronic Cargo Transit System

Today’s trade environment is challenging and complex, and there is increasing need for enterprises to keep track of their goods ...
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Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agents

You have probably heard of the term Clearing and Forwarding Agents. You probably know that they have something to do ...
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Photo credit: pngcm03/Pixabay

Clearing and Forwarding Procedure in Kenya

More and more Kenyans are seeking to import goods from outside the country either for business or personal purposes. Are you ...
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Members of Clearing and Forwarding agencies Protest delays in licensing by KRA Customs department [Image:]

Kenya: Clearing Agents Go-Slow Cripples Port Activities

On Monday, February 2017, a section of the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) held a press conference to ...
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Goods being offloaded to  a Sidoman Truck at the Port of Mombasa. Some shipping Terms may be difficult to understand [Image: Sidoman]

Shipping Goods to Kenya: 7 More Terms You Will Encounter

In a previous article, we had a look at the commonly used shipping terms. In this article, we will continue ...
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Motorists on the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway - Will We soon start paying for road use [Photo: Sidoman]

PPP Tolled Roads - Will Kenyans Accept to Pay for Road Use?

  If figures are anything to go by, Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is set to grow at a rate of ...
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Goods being offloaded to  a Sidoman Truck at the Port of Mombasa. Some shipping Terms may be difficult to understand [Image: Sidoman]

Shipping Goods to Kenya: Five Terms you're likely to Encounter

Are you venturing into the field of importing goods to Kenya? During our first business ventures we usually encounter difficult ...
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Cs Amina

Lessons in Logistics from Amina Mohamed Loss

Amb. Amina Mohamed’s loss in her bid for the African Union Commission chairperson’s seat has come as a shocker to ...
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Understanding the Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) Regulations in Kenya

Many traders import goods from the Middle-East and other nations in America, Asia and Europe to Kenya. Sometimes, these goods ...
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King of the jungle - just coming in. Photo credit:

My Day Out At The Mara

At 1400hrs on Monday, atop an open-roof van, I took off from Nairobi for what would turn out to be ...
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Cargo at Eldoret Airport

The Rise of Eldoret International Airport

Statistics indicate that the Eldoret International Airport is on a steady rise as a cargo hub in mid-western Kenya. This ...
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Warehouse View

What to Look For When Selecting a Warehouse

If you are a producer of fast moving consumer goods, an importer of heavy construction plant and equipment or a ...
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By Victor Ochieng (Flickr: Likoni Ferry)

Shipping Insurance Law: How Enforcement of Section 20 Will Affect Kenya’s Importers

In last year’s budget reading, Kenya’s Treasury issued a directive to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to implement Section 20 ...
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Traffic Jam In the City. [Photo by C Tanti]

Intelligent Traffic System: The End of the Traffic Menace in Nairobi?

A German firm specialising in infrastructure and mobility firm has won the bid to design and install a smart traffic ...
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Trucks Queueing up for their turn at the Uganda-Kenya Border [Image: Business Daily Africa]

Uganda’s Adoption of Border Technology Set to Ease Cross-border Logistics

The landlocked East African country of Uganda has been gearing itself towards a change in how cross-border operations are carried ...
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Photo credit: The Star

Does Kenya’s SGR Signal the Death of Cargo Truck Operators?

On Monday, 9th January 2017 under the sweltering heat of the Port of Mombasa, four locomotives were off-loaded from a ...
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Glowing Lines of a Smart Highway (Image by Tina Dekkers via Wikimedia Commons)

Smart Cars on Smart Roads: The Dawn of Intelligent Highways is here

With the advancement of technology that we have seen in recent times, we are knocking on the door of entry ...
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Photo Credit: Mwalimu Producion

Unforeseen Contingencies: How We Helped CS Matiang'i Deliver 2016 KCSE

The Education CS, Dr. Fred Matiang’i revealed on Thursday, 26th December that only 141 students out of the registered 574,125 ...
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Walking A Tight Robe: Logistics Challenges In Africa

Trading in Africa has plenty of challenges left, right and center. Management trend flows of goods and services between origin ...
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Holiday and Logistics: A Hard Nut To Crack

2016 is about to accomplish. New Year will come with new opportunities and targets to achieve. Distribution centres, retailers and ...
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Sea Port

A Port In Peril: Why You Should Be Vexed 'Bigly

According to the Monthly Port Community Charter Report of March 2016, indicated that the time cargo is offloaded from the ...
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Iko Wapi Mizigo Yangu?: Doing Logistics In East Africa

If you often watch Churchill Show on Sundays or on YouTube, you'll hear 'Professor' Hamo mention during his gig; "Njoni kwangu,  ninyi nyote  msumbukaona wenye kulemewa na mizigo, nami nitawapumzisha."  We in ...
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Photo credit: A Verdade/Wikimedia Commons

Traffic, Travel Restrictions and Tusks: A Weekend in Review

As you likely have already heard, this week was off to a questionable start with a traffic jam that will ...
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Photo credit: Original Image – Jason Howie/Flickr

Social Supply Chains versus Traditional Supply Chains

Skeptics have waited for the fuss over social media to fade away but instead, social media continues to thrive with ...
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Photo credit: Pol Sifter/Flickr

Positive Changes at Last? A New Hope for Business in Kenya

About mid way through March, most of us read with horror the results on corruption as far as government contracts ...
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Photo credit: AAAndrey A / Wikimedia Commons

Will Science and Engineering Be Africa's Redemption?

During the recently concluded first ever Next Einstein Forum- a gathering of some of the best entrepreneurs, scientists and lawmakers ...
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Photo credit: Jason Tester Guerrilla Future/Flickr

Supply Chain Resilience

We have spoken before about the changing landscape of logistics, as influenced by global trends such as technology and human ...
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Photo credit: Burma Democratic Concern / Flickr

Living In the Time Of Bandits: The Kenyan Economy

Early this year, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga made a statement that would quickly become famous in the Kenyan landscape. Quoted in ...
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Photo credit: LinkedIn

Mid Week Slump? Let Us Help You Catch Up.

Unless you have managed to avoid every news outlet possible, you know that Kenya’s air travel and freighting industry got ...
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Photo credits: Scott McLeod/Flickr

The Changing Face of Logistics: What Technology Should You Keep Up With

When most people hear the words “supply chain management” or even “logistics, it is very likely the first image that ...
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Photo credit: Prerana Jangam/PD Pics

2016: The Year of Unethical Scandals.

January came to a close with a thump as allegations of large scale bribery brought against the Nairobi governor, Dr ...
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